Friday, September 7

High Five 4 Friday

i need to stop drinking my dinner.

with that said.  it's friday.
it's link-up time with lauren at from my grey desk.

1. my dogs are hairy. thusly, my entire house has dog hair everywhere.  
like we have a shop vac for that shit. 
like this picture is just from one dog after he got brushed.  yak-a-doodle.

2. i have made this roasted corn concoction for the past week.  
and in case you were wondering - there hasn't been a day since where there wasn't corn in my poop.

3. this sad face.  why?  please tell me why you're so sad?  
because you're dating me? 

4. stop being so awesome tracy.  it's been all-tracy-all-the-time this past week.

5. uhhhh, shit just got real.  mexico at the end of the month, fuck you very much.

also - i've just decided that i don't like the word garment.


  1. Can I come to Cabo with you????

  2. @nat - YES. umbrella drinks all day every day and lounging by the pool.

  3. because I posted garment district 10,000 times?


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