Tuesday, September 11

When Shitler Is Away, The Mice Will Play

and play we shall.  like on friday when this old man kept tapping my nose and telling me to stop teasing him.  which was confusing because i was just standing.  if sitting would i be less of a tease?  he never clarified.  but he did make things perfectly clear when he ran his fingers up my leg - under my dress.  i'm terribly sorry overweight-middle-aged-man - but i am not interested.

i'm working on some more substantial posts.  because it looks as though the only thing i do with my life is stare at pictures of food, drink, and take photos of adorable children.

which isn't all that terrible.  but i do other things.  like lay on the couch a lot.  and ridicule shitler.


  1. There isn't much more that you actually do. More like stuff you say you will do, but never actually do. Like our battleshots game.

  2. I agree with the above post. Poor Shitler does not have clean clothes...or a sandwich.....


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