Friday, September 21

High Five 4 Friday

it's friday.  boom.

and that means it's link up time with lauren at from my grey desk.

1.  roasted my first chicken this week aaaaaaaaand i'm now going to do so once a week.  it was fucking delicious.  shitler thought so too.

2. i just can't get enough of baby b.  seriously.  she's too much.

3. fall. blahblahfallblah.  fall.  everyone is fucking talking about it.  
i don't mind it.  
and i especially don't mind this view.

4. this kid.  he is just loving life.

5. and yes, this is me rubbing it in again.  but next friday, as in one week from today, i will be in mexico.
suck on that.



  1. I will eat your chicken and i will "suck on that"...


  2. Damn, that chicken is beautiful - no, really! So is the view!!! (Cute kid and dog-awww :) )

    Tacos + tequila = farting in my sleep. Which normally wouldn't bother me but I kind of share the bed with my boyfriend. Who farts in his sleep every night... There can only be one.

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  4. Where the hell do you live?! That looks like something near Heaven


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