Thursday, September 13

Coffee Talk Installment 1

i enjoy link ups and natalie.  so when she emailed me to tell me about her new link up she was starting i thought "why the fuck not?"  so the point is to answer the five questions that nat asks every week and then go ahead and link up to her each thursday.

here are her five question for this week.

1. it's finally fall!!  what are you looking forward to this year?
this.  all day sunday.  quad box in my face.

2. what fall item is in your closet that you can't wait to pull out?
ha, the question asks what i want to pull out.  i can't help but laugh.  but in all seriousness.  sweatshirts.  and giant, baggy sweaters.  anything i can drown in.

3. since halloween is is the first holiday to be celebrated, we all get treated to a horror movie marathon all month long...what is your favorite scary movie to watch?
the original nightmare on elm street, for sure.  amityville horror with ryan reynolds.  i'd let him axe-murder me; he's that damn hot.  and it might not a horror movie - but i'll take sjp as a deranged witch any day in hocus pocus.

4. what is your favorite fall treat (recipes welcome)?
toasted pumpkin seeds; all day, everyday.  plus, you can never go wrong with chili and i will have to give big ups to shitler since makes a mean beef stew.

5. Now that summer is finally over, what will you miss most about it?
definitely not being able to just float on the lake with a cocktail.  there's nothing better.  i'd also have to say that being back at the part-time job isn't all that exciting.  and general lounging out on the porch with pals (at home or the bar).

so there ya'll have it.  the first installment of coffee talk.  if you feel so inclined you should go and do likewise.

Natalie Blair


  1. I remember in that movie how SJP said, while jumping up and down: "a muck a muck a muck a muck" (is that right) and then Bette Midler sucker punched her stomach! HAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHA

    I love that movie soooooo much!!!!

    And you know what you can pull out???? hhehehehehe

  2. Toasted pumpkin seeds and chili...Reading everyones answers is making this chubby girl hungry. I love football, too (it's an excuse to invite my friends over, drink beer and yell obscenities). Never watched Hocus Pocus - putting it on my list.

  3. yesssssss football!!!!! I can't wait for the whiteout on Sunday, Chargerrrrrrrs <3

    I LOVE HOCUS POCUS. One of the best Halloween movies ever.

  4. I haven't eaten toasted pumpkin seeds in ages (probably because I've also not carved a pumpkin in years...haha), and YES! I so love Hocus Pocus! Can't wait to trot that one back out :)

  5. Oh, yeah - I totally forgot about fall sports! October is the beginning of NCAA and NBA basketball seasons!

  6. Hocus Pocus is kind of the best not really scary halloween movie! My fiance and I have a tradition of watching it every year, I dont think it will ever get old!

  7. I want freaking toasted pumpkin seeds...

  8. YESSSS! NFL! You are officially my friend.

  9. I love sweaters. Anything really to make me feel warm without sweating. :) Found you thru the link up and now following you. :)


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