Wednesday, September 19

Textual Feeling: You Must Pay The Toll

it's been awhile since this happened.  
so boom - here's a conversation with b that centered around whether or not he could come over and watch redzone.

me: you can come over tomorrow.  i've decided.
b: ok.  do i need to bring anything?
me: i don't even care.
b: whoa.  what's with the combativeness?
me: it's mainly ambivalence.
b: i should have known.
me: actually, can you please bring me three orange gatorades.  thanks.
b: i will see what i can come up with.
me: and tortilla chips.
me: and vodka.  because we drank all the vodka last night.
b: anything else your highness?
me: a little less attitude would be nice.  and bacon.
b: out of those four things - pick the two you really want.
me: i want them all.


  1. LMFAO that is awesome. Hey, how come you never display our lovely text... they are textual and vulgar and disgusting and I LOVE THEM!

    Oh and I love you...

    and all your pink parts ;)

  2. I must have leveled up because I do not remember taking that picture.


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