Tuesday, September 18

Trunk Meets Junk

i think i've mentioned that i'm the laziest person ever.
and that usually extends to every facet of my life.

like "no, i don't need to bring any of the sixteen outfits, nasty food containers, dirty socks, various tools, books, or empty cartons of coolant that are in my car inside or to the trashor, "no shitler, that stays in the car.  you never know when i'll need that salad that's been sitting in my car for two weeks."

so recently shitler mentioned that maybe i should clean out my trunk.  mainly because my idea of cleaning out my car is taking everything that it's in the backseat and simply transplanting it to the trunk.  it's the least amount of work with the most effective outcome (at least in my opinion).  

so i did clean it out.
for the most part.
because it's important to have some essentials with you at all times.  

these are my essentials:


  1. I see a book. Is it porn???

  2. Want my old forensics medals to go in there too? They need a home, and you never know when they would come in handy.

  3. Thank god I'm not the only one that's too lazy to clean out my car.

    BUT - the few times I've mustered up the energy to clean (any car I've ever owned) I always find cool stuff I forgot I had. Like shoes and books. Even though they're smooshed and sticky from spilled soda. And laying next to petrified french fries.


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