Friday, September 14

High Five 4 Friday

i want to talk to sampson!
quick - what movie?  first person to guess right gets a high five to their face - from me.

all questions aside - it's friiiiiiiiiiiiiiday.  so it's time to link up with lauren at from my grey desk.

1. remember how i'm going to cabo?  if you don't remember me telling you that i'm going to cabo this is me telling you right now that i'm going to cabo.  and in the spirit of all things cabo - check out these shoes i got for the wedding.  i've been licking them since they arrived.

2. this man and his high-waisted belt.  like he knows what's fashionable.
in all honesty, he told me the other night that he will basically put anything on if someone will take a picture of him in it so that others can enjoy it.  i was like "whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?"  how have i not known this.
so i pose this to you:
what would everyone like to see shitler sporting?

3. long hair, don't care.  love me some clay matthews.  love me some of this face because it's all like "mmm, sacked jay cutler 3.5 times?  nbd."

4. do not, under any circumstances, give me a sharpie and something i can deface.
because this happens.

5. one of my very best internet and blog friends in the entirety of the world drew me this picture.  it demonstrates how much she loves line dried sheets.

so there you have it.  high five.  it's friday.  get over there and do it yourself.



  1. I know the answer but I googled it. Because I'm cool, I wont blurt it out in the comment section (in the off chance someone actually knows it without having to look it up.)

    Shitler is a good sport. I think I'd like to see him in shiny short shorts, a half shirt and roller skates. Just like the crack addict male prostitute from Reno 911.

    Those shoes are divine!!! Enjoy them!

    High five (down low - too slow... heh)

  2. HALF BAKED!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I didn't even have to google that shit! Cause I am the fucking BEST!


    Dr. says I need a backyotomy...

  3. LOVE YOUR SHOES!!!!!! I am so jealous of Cabo as well!

  4. Oh my gosh those shoes are adorable! I always want to buy shoes like that but then I never really anywhere to where them to. A wedding sounds like the perfect excuse! Now if I can just convince someone to get married! HA! Just found your blog and have enjoyed getting to know you better. I'm excited to follow along!

    New follower :)

  5. I need to see shitler in a thong...


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