Thursday, September 20

Coffee Talk Installment 2

thursday means it's time for coffee talk with nat over at natalie blair.
she asks some questions.  

you answer them.
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1. what is your favorite kind of coffee?  iced?  hot?  frappe?  or are you tea kind of person?
uhh duh.  iced.  
only because i'm incredibly fucking impatient and i don't like having to wait for hot coffee to cool down.

2. what is your dream computer/laptop?  and what kind are you using now?
i think i would like something like this:
something with a screen so large that i could watch porn and let everyone else in the background behind me enjoy it as well. plus it looks sleek and seems like it should be in a spaceship.  and i love spaceships.  currently, i'm rocking a laptop.  a gateway.  it's name is the barnacle.

3. have you ever regretted a blog post?  what did you say?
i haven't.  what's the point?  if someone doesn't like my shit - then don't fucking read it.

4. what is your favorite book?
worst.question.ever.  because there's too many.  anything by gillian flynn. i.e. sharp objects, dark places, gone girl.  a tree grows in brooklynn.  invisible monsters.  gone with the wind.  lolita.
ok, i'll stop.  i could go on forever.

5. what's in your bag (pictures too please)?
everything in the world.  at least i'd like to think.  

currently - three books, two sets of headphones, a charger, two wallets, a pair of underwear, vitamins, cough drops, night-time sinus medicine, six chapsticks, two lotions, body spray, various garbage receipts, etc.  i could go on and on.  because it's a fucking war zone in there.

p.s. i didn't feel like taking a picture of all the shit inside my purse.  but here's a post i did about its contents once.  nothing has really changed.  except i took the bread out.

Natalie Blair


  1. Thanks for commenting on my post :) A girl needs to have a packed's a right of passage.
    I haven't explored your blog much, but I am totally diggin your spunk! I'll be back for sure!
    *here from Natalie Blair and the comment you left on my blog "Tinkerer"

  2. #3- I like the way you think.

    #5- My purse isn't quite that full at the moment but it has been in the past. Seriously. Underwear, charger, meds, 20 different lip balms and all. No bread, though.

  3. I love you even more because you watch porn. anyone??? Yesssssssss!!!!!!

    And you rock my socks because you love Lolita. You will be my nymphette. Cool? Ya? No? Whatever!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 'Gone With the Wind' is a great one. Very long. I suspect I will only have the patience to read it once in my life, but you never know.

  5. Hilarious!! The cuss words make me want to read more! You sound like are purses should get together than at the end of the world we would at least have lighter, vitamins and oh yeah a pair of underwear! LMAO

  6. #2's answer is why you fuckin' rock!!

  7. You are too funny! But dude! That's a shitload of stuff in your purse!!!!

    Andie's Traveling Pants


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