Tuesday, February 4

a motto

i like to think that around these parts i'm known for some snark, a dash of bitch, and splash of just not giving a shit.  with that being said i must admit that people annoy the ever living shit out of me.  between the whining, the dream chasing, and the general monotonous bullshit i can usually only tolerate a very small amount of the nonsense before i have to close all internet windows and crawl into my bed to decompress.

images like this make me stabby.

if i had my way it would look like this.

because everything i see is based on chasing your dreams and being the best you can be.  and all of that is measured on some insurmountable scale of bullshit that anything less than that is considered failure.

since when did mediocrity become such a travesty?  why do i have to stomach constant rants about following dreams, making things happen, and "do something you love and you will never work a day in your life?"

because i think that's all total shit.  no one is going to be so constantly happy when the expectation of happy is so grossly inflated.  i like to think my life's motto is realistic (although people might consider it a bit negative).

for the majority of the world things aren't going to pan out like you dreamed it would when you were nine.
and what is honestly wrong with that?
there is no way in hell that when i graduated high school and set off for college that i ever thought i would end up working at a brush company and moonlighting as a server on the weekends.  but is it really all that terrible?  are all of my bills paid and sometimes i have some leftover to buy things like cat knick knacks and other fantastical things i don't need?  yes.

we set ourselves up to fail when we assume things will magically fall into place and our dream job will fall out of the sky into our laps or that your prince charming will magically poof out of nowhere and do things like take out the garbage or shovel the walk way the first time you ask them.  it's just not realistic.  and then you end up some bitter piece of shit because you built everything up in your mind to be something that it's never, ever going to be.

i have to make peace with the fact that my dream job of sitting around all day looking at funny pictures of cats on the internet or possibly maybe even being a cat won't ever happen.  and that's ok.

because i refuse to let my contentedness be defined by other people's misguided understanding of happiness.

also - DOG PAWS.

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  1. i agree. we look at the world and think of our dreams and that's just not realistic. i would love to travel and go to music festivals. and also eat reallllllly badly. but i can't. and if i did i would have no money and go nowhere.
    and you're right, it's just not all that bad.

  2. I loved this one, "Since when did mediocrity become such a travesty?" true story bro.

  3. I'm not a big believer in 'dreams', but I am a big believer in getting shit done and doing the things I want to do when I want to do them! I figure, why wait and dream about something when it could be happening right now?! (Clearly I'm a woman who likes instant gratification.)

  4. I think try your best but have low expectations is the way to go. Sorry I'm a little bitter, I thought I was going to grow up and be a princess.

  5. Hahha you are the human equivalent of Grumpy Cat~~~

  6. oh man. I love you. (too forward?)

  7. i find myself feeling stabby a lot as well. i think people just think too much, just get drunk and shut up.

  8. Fuck yes. Whenever I see those "Live, Love, Laugh" wall art pieces I want to break them and I'm all "Die-die-die!" And don't even get me started on people's inspirational pinterest shit 'cuz fuck that.

  9. You're my person. And I love cats too so we're basically soul mates. My motto : you do what you do, you get what you get and you don't throw a fit.

  10. This reminds me of a quote I just read "Happiness isn't a goal, it's a by-product." And I agree with what you wrote. Sometimes I can't read blogs because the constant "why don't you just throw down your whole life and move overseas? I did, now look at my magical pictures" is too much. Like don't these people have student loans?

  11. Personally I don't want to chase my dreams because that means a lot of friggin work.

  12. ALL OF THIS ALL OF THE TIME. Honestlyness though, the blog world magnifies the life pipe dream like 9000%. It perpetuates this myth, it really does. And while I would like to have a job that makes mroe money, I am happy just being and having fun and not chasing said dreams.


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