Tuesday, February 25

gym babbles

we meet again.
remember that one time samm and i banned together to have a new blog and then we like posted seven times and were never heard from again?  it's cool - we do too.  and we also plan on posting again.
at some point. 

but since only like a fraction of you read it you can go back to tuesdaysquared.com and do us all a favor and check it out.  or else (i haven't come up with an 'or else' yet so be patient).

there's not much a point to this post. 
other than to tell you that i went to the gym three whole days in a row and when i go tonight it will be four days in a row.  which i think is unheard of in the land of shan.  there have been plenty of things that i have tried to sabotage my gym-going or my gym-leaving once i'm there.
like a sneeze attack, the fact that i washed my heart rate monitor (the watch part) in the wash machine, a man's constant farting on the machine next to me, daydreams of my couch, etc. etc. etc.

but it happened.  a workout.  three days of workouts.
and my armpit muscles hurt.  is that a thing?

but really - that's all i wanted to write.
and also i wanted to ask you skanks for circuit training recommendations.
like semi-easy to follow for the semi-remedial.

p.s. the only marginally acceptable thing about working out and dieting is seeing results.  the other night i measured my ass and i didn't think it was any smaller.  but the reality is that i lost three inches in my waist, hips, and tits since starting this bullshit "i don't want to be chubby for my wedding" thing on january 1st.

p.p.s. i'm super, super glad you can't see the atrocious length of my leg hair in the above picture.
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  1. haha i wrote about working out and being sore today too!!!


  2. I be UP in the gym just workin on my fitness

  3. I READ IT.

    THREE INCHES? I am so jealous. You are doing a super fantastic amazing job. Me on the other hand? I will probably not fit in that wedding dress that arrives in April. COME HOLD MY HAND.

    I typically wander around in circles at the gym, but when I am actually productive I favor kettle bells. They make me feel strong. Like bull.

  4. Good for you girl, hard work does pay off but mostly the hard work sucks so way to stick with it lol

  5. Blahhhhhhhhhh I wish I could work out four days in a row but I just lack all motivation and suck at life in general.

  6. I love your new kicks! Seeing results definitely *almost* makes all the sacrifice and pain worth it! haha

  7. This is timely since I am joining a gym this week. Will head to your other blog now!

  8. Well, life sucks, but at least you have cute shoes.


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