Thursday, February 20

let's discuss

once upon a time i used to sometimes post conversations between myself and my friend ben.
i called it "textual feeling" but then i stopped because ben must have ceased to be interesting to me or something.  but that's neither here nor there.  because not too long ago he texted me a question and then we had a discussion.  it went as follows:

so now i'm curious.
what would you do?

head first or feet first under a closing 
gate like in an action movie?
or just stay and get caught with me?

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  1. Totally feet first... and I have no idea why!!! LOL

  2. Neither I would roll a boss! ;)

  3. This reminds me of Indiana Jones and he ALWAYS got through. I like to think I have similar speed.

  4. Who the hell says I'm in that situation anyway? Bitch I got them gate codes

  5. Wow, good question. Well clearly there's no way its going to be graceful so I'd say feet first just for effect. But it would probably be more like crawling on all fours.

  6. I have no answer to this, I just want to party with you and Ben.

  7. LMAO - roll sideways...seems safer.

  8. Feet first. I feel like with all my years playing softball, I've perfected that softball stealing base slide and I could successfully pull off the sliding action and be home free


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