Thursday, February 13

a spree of shopping

what up ya'll.
i feel like if you know me then you know that i'm one cheap motherfucker.
like instead of all black everything i'm over here like ALL CLEARANCE EVERYTHING.

but really i'm cheap.
shitler is all "i want a snowmobile" and i'm all "we'll get you one of those cheap plastic sleds.
after this winter season.  because then it will be on sale and you can have something for next winter."  or when he bowls on tuesday nights and they have $1 tacos - i'm like "you can have one.  because we're broke."  so naturally when we had to actually start thinking about planning a wedding i was all for the choice that came with the cheapest price tag and also involved the least amount of work because HELLO INHERENT LAZINESS.

but anyway - we finally paid off the remnants of what we owed on the wedding last week so that's a monkey off my back and one less thing to have a panic attack about.  but now there are things we need to buy that we didn't necessarily forget about but just didn't actually think about.  like wedding bands, and wedding gifts, and also necessities like new items of clothing for me to wear while on my mexican wedding adventure.
so the point of this entire thing is that i went on a bit of spending spree in the last week and i don't even feel all that guilty about because there's something magical about online shopping.

besides the convenience there's also the excitement that packages will arrive on your doorstep and you'll feel like a kid on x-mas morning all over again.

things i have to look forward to on my doorstep:
new sandals
shirts for all the guys to wear
groomsmen gifts (i don't know why i'm excited for this but i think mainly because of the being able to open the box when it arrives factor)
shitler's bday present
some way clearanced swim suit bottoms
my engagement ring

when the time comes that everything has arrived and i no longer have anything to look forward to coming by way of mail delivery i think i will be sad.

but then again i'll have these sunglasses.
and these sunglasses make me want to hump things.

but we still have to buy dad gifts, and mom gifts, and a photographer friend gift, and also the man marrying us a gift.  so i think i will have things to look forward to for awhile.  but i just have to figure out all the presents first.  your suggestions are welcome.

planning a wedding is hard.
and mine is one that takes the least amount of planning/work so i don't understand how other bridal skanks get turned on by this shit/ZOMG have been planning this since they were a little girl.  ew.

just recently i've made peace with the fact that murphy lee won't be at the wedding.
which i think is bullshit.  i mean - he's already wearing a tux.

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  1. Hmm... maybe nice frames for the parents that they can use for wedding pictures afterwards? We did frames and then a gift certificate to a restaurant they like. Or massages at the resort for the moms? And maybe just a nice bottle of wine for the photographer friend?

  2. First off, you're way better than I am with the gifts. I didn't give my parents, my officiant, OR my photographer a gift. To be honest, our photos are beautiful but she was kind of a bitch, so whatever. I did send the girl who coordinated it all flowers, though, because hello I didn't have to do as much because of her. Also, I'm pretty sure that I was the greastest gift my parents ever got and how could I top that? Just kidding. I just forgot. Think 4 months later is too late?

    Also, order stuff online and send it to me. I'll give you a free place to stay in Florida for your future beach vacations. Free place to stay = more money for booze.

  3. I have absolutely nothing to contribute to this post, seeing as the only time I came close to getting married I ran the fuck away. So, you're welcome.

    Also, I didn't realize the dogs weren't joining you and now I'm really sad and need time to myself. This is too much to handle.

  4. I've been on an online spending spree for a month and I swear it gets me off that I keep getting boxes on my doorstep. Yesterday 2 packages arrived and I practically tackled the UPS guy. They're mine! Gimme gimme!

  5. What did you end up deciding on for bridal party gifts?! Also, for mom and dad gifts, I just made them albums after the wedding. Cop-out? Perhaps.

  6. Murphy Lee has to be in the wedding. End. Of. Story. He's adorbs. Also, just buy gift cards. Everyone loves a good gift card.


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