Wednesday, February 12

there's an app for that

girls crack me up.
mainly because there are a gazillion things that girls care about that i just don't have the brain capacity to allocate to whatever nonsense they're caring about at any given point in time.

example?  ok sure.

the other day someone asked me how many days until the "big day" and i just kind of gave them a blank stare.  because i didn't know.  but then i had an "A HA!" moment and was all "one sec i need my phone" and they were like "ohhh do you have a wedding countdown app?" and then i was like "excuse me what they make those?" and they were like "ya.  what did you need your phone for if that's not what you were doing?"  and then i had to admit that the only way i know how many days until the day is by checking my target bridal registry because they're kind enough to tell you how many days until the day.

but then i thought about this countdown app some more and i got it into my head that i for sure needed one.  so i downloaded a free one.  and even the free one came with so many options.
pictures, phrases, how you would like your countdown worded (down to the exact second in case you were wondering).  so then i spent a godawful amount of time setting my wedding countdown app up and then this is all i ended up with.

i'm bad at things.

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  1. this is so cute! and yeah some people are so crazy about counting down to big events. I knew one girl growing up that was like "six months, two weeks, and five days to my birthday!" and she'd count down like every day! It's rediculous!!

  2. I had a countdown app and loved every minute of it. When it got down to one week I wanted to vomit though.

  3. 4 hours and 48 minutes to mutha-farkin' happy hour!

  4. I still have my wedding countdown app so I can keep track how long I've been married (did you know it goes into the negatives after the event and keeps counting FOREVER?!) 451 days, in case you were wondering.

    And now I have a Baby B. countdown which is terrifying because it keeps getting closer...and probably why I didn't remember I even had this countdown until you mentioned it right now. THANKS A LOT. (140 days).

  5. Haha! I have a countdown until the first day of spring!! 35 days, 5 hours, and 24 minutes!

  6. You really should have made the bottom text say something like "until I can finally drink my face off again".

  7. lol, you could've (should've?) said, "until HE puts a ring on it". Either way you're hilarious.

  8. Haha too funny. I love reading your perspective on things!

  9. Haha l love countdown apps! 2 Months is so close!!

  10. This cracked me up! Countdown apps stress me out lol. I just guestimate- 2 month-ish etc. that works :)

  11. Well I guess something like that could be cool......but it would probably just stress me out more.


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