Thursday, November 15

Coffee Talk Installment 10

so it's thursday.  which means it's time for coffee talk.  which means it's time for natalie.
so answer nat's questions, grab the button, and link up.
do it because i told you to.

Coffee Talk with Natalie Blair

1. what is your worst habit?
oh god.  shitler would easily say my lack of follow-through.  
which is why he calls me a 3%'er (since i only do what i say i'm going to do 3% of the time).  
like i totally say that i'm going to do something and then just don't do it.
which extends to most everything i do.  chores.  laundry.  literally anything.

2. what is your biggest pet peeve?
people who groom themselves at work (i can hear you clipping your finger nails and it's fucking gross), whistling, spelling errors, having to pee, having to shower, general chores like laundry and cleaning, general stupidity, not having any pickles in the house, not being able to find any of the sixteen chap sticks i have, etc.
i feel like there's probably more.  oh, maybe a pet peeve could be knowing that you have more pet peeves but you just can't remember all the pet peeves at the moment that you really need to remember them?

3. what is annoying you right this very minute?
is it too general to say everything in the world?
actually - it would be this.
my dog is an asshole.
4. how do you relieve stress?
i hate to state the obvious.
5. what truly makes you happy?
ummm, can i just refer you to question four?  
but that's not limited to just boxed wine.  vodka also makes me happy.
also the internet.  that makes me happy.  because it contains pictures like this:
via cslacker
shitler is also pretty entertaining.  so that makes me happy.  and the couch makes me happy.  and not wearing pants.  and my dogs when they're not assholes.  and funny socks.
so i guess a lot makes me happy.

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  1. Ew I hate people who groom themselves at work. Filing their nails, etc.

  2. I have this obsession with Lip Smackers chap stick and I have at least 25 of them. So why the hell can I not find one when I need one (which is every 30 minutes or so)? So.annoying.

    One of my co-workers wears hand cream with such an intense, revolting stench that I have to close my office door so I don't hurl. She slathers it all over herself several times a day, so my door gets closed a lot. Hello - you are sharing this space with other people, dumbass.

  3. Lol I love that you put "having to shower" as a pet peeve. I am so happy I am not the only one!!! lol. Great answers all around!

  4. Ummm. Okay. The person that clips their fucking nails while working??? Would seriously get BITCH slapped by me. That's the fuckin grossest shit ever!

    I hate laundry too. Which is why I have 6 baskets of clothes filled to the brim. And I have yet to do anything with them. Fuck it. It can wait.

    Ha! Them dags. Yes. I said "dags"...

    I am gonna figure out a way to send you the biggest bottle of vodka. Can I do that??? Is it legal to send liquor through the mail?

    Shitler. :)

  5. Ewww I had a boss that would clip his nails at their desk and would even do it during a meeting! YUCK!!!!

    Or the fact that I still haven't poured a glass of wine for myself...that's the ultimate stress!!!


  6. Everything was funny, and then I saw the Yahweh meme. I forgot everything else and have been wracking my brain ever since for ways to hang it in my office without offending someone.


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