Monday, November 12

Weekend Recap - In Which Everything Kicked My Ass

so there it is.
vodka, $8 worth of hangover fluids, baby b, canine nonsense, shitler in waders, and leaves.
my weekend in a nutshell.

how was yours?

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  1. I wanna get Bill a pair of waders. And he has to be nekkid in them!!!

    Oh.. and I want jammies like baby b. And the little 4 wheeler. Think it will fit my fat ass????

    PS. you're hot.

  2. gatorade is the best hangover cure....I usually get a 2 gallon Sprite

  3. Sounds like a blast! Wish I had enough pictures that would so accurately wrap up my weekend, but replace waders with snow gear, vodka with Bud Heavy (as opposed to Lite), Fireball, and bourbon... and take children out of the equation completely. You get the picture.

  4. ha! Love Shitler's awesome shirt! haha.

    And your dog, out the window with the beady eye. Hilarious. I may be the only one to comment about your dogs... I just love that breed. They're so cute! haha. I know you said I could have 'em, but... Koodge likes to be the only pup... *shrug*

    The Finnish say that the best hangover cure is cold pizza and super cold Orange Fanta in the morning... and let me tell you, they drink A LOT.


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