Monday, November 26

new drinks, new directions

allright ya'll.
it's time for this blog to get a makeover.
so bare with me - as there is a new URL 
and the blog will officially be under fucking construction for awhile.

update my URL to the new one -
and if you need to reach me you can at

in the meantime - just do what i do.  
and start drinking.

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  1. I seeeeeeee. One request, on your blog re-do ness. is that... it's too wide from side to side, and I have to scroll to the side to read some of your blog posts... lol. Maybe it's just me??? Other than that, I look forward to the newness! :D

  2. Quit changing shit all the time. It's exhausting trying to keep up with the changes of your blog titles and names.

  3. YOU FUCKING DRINK VODKA. This makes no sense.

  4. What The Eff.... this is a fucking fugazi!

    lol...hurry fool! Let's get our blog on!


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