Monday, November 26

Coffee Talk Installment 11

i'm not sure why it's taken me so long to do this post since it's practically about my favorite subject ever.
but i did it.  
and i love it.  
and now i'm thirsty.

i'm heading over to natalie's blog to link up for coffee talk.
or maybe this week it should be alcohol talk.

Coffee Talk with Natalie Blair

1. what is your favorite drink called?  what are the ingredients in it?
ok.  you must, the next time you are out, order a vodka press.  because it's practically my favorite drink in the entire world (but please understand i don't discriminate against other alcohol).  
ingredients are vodka (obviously) and then half white soda and half tonic with your choice of lemon and lime.  
i feel like it will change your life.  
so trust me and just order it the next time you're out.  except maybe be prepared to explain it to your bartender because i've heard that it's a mid-west thing.

2. how old were you when you first got drunk?
i was 19.
but don't worry.  i'm making up for lost time now.

3. name an embarrassing moment about you or your friends that occurred while drinking?
i don't know if it's necessarily embarrassing but one time when i was in vegas with shitler and a couple of friends i got like beat-up, black-out drunk and ended up at a hooters across town from our hotel with two super nice lesbians.
shitler wasn't very happy.  since i just wandered off with two strangers in the city of sin.
super drunk and taking phone calls in some random person's suite
 4. what is your favorite party drinking game?
i don't enjoy parties.  but i enjoy having like six people over and playing asshole, circle of death, and ride the bus.  let me regale you with a "ride the bus" tale.
we used to have a couple of neighbors that hung out in their garage around a giant bar that the american flag painted on the front (we fondly referred to it as "america's bar").  we would routinely play "ride the bus" which is basically laying one card face up and six others face down and guessing whether the next card will be higher or lower.  if you get it wrong you drink the number of cards you guessed correctly.  if you guess every single card right - you have ridden the bus and your opponent has to drink whatever is left of their cocktail.  
usually not a big deal, right?
unless you've just made yourself a brand new, TALL vodka tonic.
and then your opponent rides the bus.
and then shows no mercy and threatens to ban you from america's bar unless you follow the rules and cash your drink.
which i did - in case you were wondering.
and then i was very, very drunk.
not what i had to chug - but it certainly felt like that.
5. are you a happy drunk?  sad drunk? sleepy drunk?  paranoid drunk?  or other?
typically happy.  
typically "let's do shots" kind of drunk.  
typically "you really, really need another drink" type drunk.
so basically a "peer pressurer" drunk (peer-pressurer isn't a word but i'm using it).

6. are you a hard drinker?  fruity drinker?  not a drinker at all?  or other?
give me hard liquor any day.
beer makes me too full and then i can't drink more.
and anything fruity will give me gut rot to the n-th degree.

so there it is.
cheers ya'all.
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  1. How do you stay so tiny with all this drinking that you do?! And wooooo last pic, those pecs. Mmmmm. hahahha.

    That Vodka press sounds interesting but what on earth is white soda??

  2. GUT ROT! BAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA I have never heard of that!


  3. i love you and your drink choices...that is all...
    oh yeah, and i think vodka press will be my next drink of choice! KA-CHIN!!!!!

    Cheers to the bottomless drinks and don't forget...turn your mug upside down!


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