Friday, November 2

High Five 4 Friday

it's that time again.
and don't get me wrong.  i'm excited that it's friday.  
but not excited that i have to work fourteen hours today. 
and then more work tomorrow night.
and at some point i should go to the gym.  and do laundry.  and clean my disgusting house.

but in the meantime let's link up with lauren at from my grey desk and high five the shit out of this friday.

1. baby b channeling ODB - "bitch, gimme my money!"

2. i win.

3. these two fucking whack-jobs.  i can't even handle the hairy one.  you can decide which one i'm talking about.

4. last night shitler and i had shrimp and lobster ravioli.  followed by champagne and caramel filled ice cream cones.  i then slipped into a food coma at 8PM.

5. i can't handle places like busy shopping centers.  i feel like i'm going to have a panic attack and then i get irrationally angry and end up buying ridiculous things that i don't even need.  
like my new hedgie candles.

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  1. It looks like there is dog shit on your shoe. Your fur babies are sweet. :) Andddd I love the candles.

  2. LMAO... i fucking love you!

  3. You obviously really needed those hedgie candles. I am pretty sure I need those! Hahaha.

    I don't really like big crowds either.

    Last year, we sent people out on Black Friday to buy a TV for us. That's right.

  4. PS. I love your dog. It's so purrrdy. I want a dog like that.

  5. @adrienne - i need to get people that i can send out on black friday. that would be ideal.

    the hedgie candles are ADORABLE.

    and you can have my dog. he's an asshole.


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