Thursday, November 29

Coffee Talk Installment 12

how fitting.  blogging about blogging for coffee talk with natalie this week.

PS - if you haven't tried putting vodka in your coffee you should fix that right now.
unless you're at work. 
then maybe don't.
or do.  if you feel like living on the edge.

Coffee Talk with Natalie Blair

1. what is the meaning behind your blog name?
i just recently made the switch to something different.
i thought something catchier and more direct would be better.
also something more alcohol-focused.
because duh.
so gin & bare it was reborn.  like a fucking phoenix rising from the ashes.
and i'm not sure if there's really much meaning behind it.
similar to the saying "grin and bear it" only better.
less grinning and more ginning.  
also more nudity. 
at least talking about nudity.

2. how long have you been blogging?  what made you start?
i think it's been a little over a year.  

do you ever take a moment to stop and look around at the bullshit surrounding you and then also try to wrap your brain around the question "is this really my fucking life?"
that's the type of epiphany i had.  and then i decided to share my bullshit with the world.
so now my bullshit is your bullshit.

3. what is your blog generally about?
everything and nothing.  all at the same time.
my hangovers, my idiot dogs, shitler the fiance, hot dogs, ridiculous things that happen to me, etc.

i like to think it's maybe a place people can go and be all 
"hmm, look at this girl's life.  i guess mine isn't so bad after all."  
i also consider this my good deed for my entire life.
you're welcome, world.

4. do you have any funny blogs you would like to share?
ok.  totally my girl samm.  
formerly at dysfunctional ever after but currently 
representing at the naked manual.  
she cracks my shit up on a daily basis.  
mainly because we talk constantly.
like i think i talk to her more than i talk to shitler.
meh.  oh well.

also lauren at filing jointly...finally 
chick is hilar.  
and also a victim of the eternity relationship.

and lastly jessica at stylish, stealthy, and healthy.
because she likes wine like i like wine.
and also likes to talk about it.

5. what are your hopes for your blog?
to continue to be entertaining.  like not even all the way entertaining.
i'd settle for 65% entertaining.
mainly i just enjoy the internet, and funny pictures of cats and also nonsense.
if someone would like to pay me to put ads for cats on my blog - i would.
if someone would like to send me alcohol samplers - i would enjoy that.
if someone would like to send me a picture of themselves doing something ridiculous so i can put it on my blog - i would also do that.

so consider that cat ad people, alcohol companies, and everyone on the internet.
call me.

also, here's a picture of me from when i met the jonas brothers.

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  1. lol nice photoshop!!! hahahaha I like the new blog name.

  2. super sad samm went all getting herself a new private blog and didn't invite me. this is my saddest face I can make >;'(
    and omg totally forgot about face in the hole! wonder if that will work for an inappropriate elf photo...

  3. awww don't sell yourself short. I would say you are like 75% entertaining....

    jk. 100% duh

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  5. Hey cute girl just wanted to inform ya that I added your cute blog to our blog hop today so more people could come check out what your working with over here! Come check out other blogs too if you get a chance!

  6. @ashlee

    thanks for the link up! heading over to you now!


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