Friday, November 23

High Five 4 Friday

it's taken me four hours to get this shit together.  i haven't left my bed and i've watched crossroads, sydney white, and now ice loves coco.  
whatever.  i'm not even ashamed.
because i'm probably going to drag myself out of bed and set up shop on the couch.
with a bowl of mashed potatoes.
and mini reubens.
and not move.  except to go to the bathroom.  and jostle the netflix every once and awhile so it doesn't turn off.

but it's friday.  let's get to high-fiving with lauren.


1. i've been making spiked cider like every day.  and when i ran out of rum i cracked into shitler's scotch.

because i'm a thinker.
and a drinker.

2. drove towards this the other night.  
i was into it.
it's probably pollution.

3.  baby emilia came to hang out the other night.  shitler is clearly boring her.

4. there aren't many words for this picture.  except he's a douche.

5. to spare everyone from the obligatory, lame thanksgiving pictures of everyone being thankful i'll give you this.

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  1. Haaa - I watched Oprah and then the Selena Gomez E Hollywood Special while stuffing my face with crackers and port cheese dip -in bed.

    Spiked cider sounds good!

    Cute photos :) (I don't think your dogs a douche, lol).

  2. I have no shame, I even watch The Secret Life of the American Teenager. yeah, that's right.

  3. Are you a smoker....

    and a midnight toker?

    And that guys face is fucking priceless.

  4. I'm so jealous of your slug day. So freakin jealous.

  5. I am all over not getting off my lazy but today....and it happened:) Enjoy it girl!

  6. My day consisted of Starbucks, finding $20 boots I will wear in 70degree weather, moving Xmas boxes, stuffing my face (twice) and taking a disco nap in the car....I think your party was much funnnnner


  7. PS You are making me thirsty with that cider dude!


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