Friday, November 30

High Five 4 Friday

let's link up lauren at from my grey desk


1. these pens.
there are a lot of them.
but don't get excited.  
they're for working.
at the restaurant.
TONIGHT.  so no high-fiving until after i'm done.

2. the sky looks drunk.
and also messy.
story of my life.

3. ok, so while frantically making upgrades and changing shit this week i got a new email.
and i set it up.
and i picked a background.
and then while chatting with samm i asked her what her background was.
and she was all "the regular background.  yours?"
and i was all "uhh, a pair of hippos screaming at each other."

also - i swear my screen doesn't look like that when i'm talking to samm.
although in retrospect it probably looks weirder that i added them all on my own.

sidenote - the new email is
and if you want to you can totally email random, nonsensical bullshit and i will look at and respond to it before i do anything else that should be more important in my life.
like work.
or shitler.

4. i realize i have an obsession with all things chuck palahniuk.
i literally cannot stop reading anything he writes and then wildly obsessing over it.
this won't be any different.

5. i re-vamped this bitch of a blog.
new name.  new bullshit.

what do you think?

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  1. Sammantha all over your screen. Like I jizzed all over your screen. By the way I love you. And your new blog. And your new email.


  2. those are an awful lotta pens, and that sky- love.

    Aloha Sweet Friend,
    Following ya now from hungry glam.
    We are gathering for An Aloha Affair , a sweet sort of mingling and sharing and growing together. I would so love it if you'd join us. You will always be welcome, anytime. Save ya a seat?...


  3. Very cool header - I love it! And great name.

  4. @nicole.

    thanks girl! i'm headed over to your blog now!

  5. The hippos! HA!

    THE PENS! People must steal!?!?!

  6. Love the look of the blog, but then again I didn't see it before! The title is just awesome too!


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