Friday, November 16

High Five 4 Friday

words can't describe how giddy i am that it's friday.
i mean seriously.

fucking finally.

so i'm linking up with lauren at from my desk to high five everyone in the world (that's a lie).


1. i made home-made pizza twice this week.  which is disastrous for my "diet."
don't judge me.
 2. these two dorks.  i see both daily and they love each other a lot.  like maybe i should be concerned.
georgia and shitler ya'll.

3. set some new alarms this week.  and if you're wondering - they haven't worked.

4. this guy.  and his "wanna bone" looks?  how can you even say no?

5. i ordered holiday cards this year because i won a bad ass giveaway from leah.  i'm going for the "super obnoxious" look with these cards.  so stay tuned.

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  1. I best get one of those cards. And the more obnoxious THE BETTER!!!!!

    Can't wait :)

    Oh, and Shitler needs a mani! LMAO

  2. You don't let him finger you with that filthy digit, do you?

  3. @joyce (anonymous) - that's the only way i like it. duh.

  4. I need to set up alarms like those on my phone...I tend to like to say I should get up to work out at 5:15 but that shit never happens!

    Hmm yeah, and that pizza looks all kinds of disgustingly delicious!

  5. Homemade pizza is my favorite! It is soo good but so bad at the same time. But you deserve it right :)

  6. Dude... the fingering with the dirty finger LOL and nasty.

    Your dog is so sweet!

    Pizza is the food of gods.

    Last, your alarm settings cracked me up.


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