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Coffee Talk Installment 9

coffee talk with nat - because it's thursday.  link up and check it out.

Coffee Talk with Natalie Blair

1. when is your birthday?  how old will you be?  what is your sign?
my birthday is in may.  
i'll be twenty-fucking-eight.  
and i'm a gemini.  
but i don't think i'm all the way gemini.  because when i read my stupid horoscope stuff only half of it applies.  and then i read some taurus stuff and only half of that applies.  so i think i'm straddling the two (shut it perverts).

take this for instance.  i hate moving around.  i love my couch - and being stationary (preferably horizontal on it).  i do love gadgets.  and i do love arguing (ask shitler) and i hate making commitments (see me make plans with you and then desperately try to get out of them because when i made the plans i thought it was a good idea but now that it's time to pay the piper i can't stop thinking about laying on my couch and not leaving my house).  BUT, i love wasting time.  so go figure.

2. what's the best birthday gift you've ever gotten?  what is the worst gift?
i don't know.  when i turned 21 shitler gave me this spinny alcohol thing that you put various bottles in.  i had grand plans for that.  like put a different bottle of alcohol in every spout and then laminate a tiny picture and attach it to the base and then invite everyone over and play spin-the-bottle-of-alcohol-and-take-a-shot-of-whatever-it-lands-on-till-you-puke.  but that never came to fruition.  obviously.
whatever game i did play with it that night was certainly effective.

i prefer that people don't make a giant deal over my birthday.  because frankly - awesome i'm a year older and i don't give a shit.  just like i didn't give a shit last year.  i guess the worst type of birthday gift would be something that's completely not you and then you have to put on that cheesy, fake grin and act like you love it and then go home and throw it in a closet and forget about it.

3. do you like having birthday parties for yourself?  what about surprise birthday parties?
i mainly like drinking for my birthday.  so if you'd like to come over and ball on a budget and hit the bottle hard with me in the comfort of my home - then you're invited.  or if you want to meet me at the bar and buy me shots then we can do that too.  i'm not really into crowds.  or having to entertain people so parties aren't usually something i favor.  
surprise parties?  gross - and even worse.  because what if someone you have been avoiding gets invited and then you're surpise-forced to hang out with them?  ugh.  i'll throw a surprise party for others though.  like shitler.  once i threw a surprise party for him and it was awesome.

4. what is your dream birthday party bash?
omg.  a giant room full of couches and all my best gals can each have a couch and a bottle of alcohol of their choosing.  then we lay all day and watch bravo and then movies like practical magic, cruel intentions, anything with usher or nick canon (drum line - obvi), crossroads, etc.  and also food.  like copious amounts of food.  and never having to get up to go to the bathroom.

5. what is your favorite kind of birthday cake?
totally marble.  don't give me that plain vanilla bullshit.
and maybe princess jasmine on it.  like my second-grade birthday cake.

6. what is on your birthday wish list?
winning the lottery.  
or finding someone that wants to pay off my student loans.  
and vodka.

oh, and if you want to come do this with me on my birthday - that would be awesome.
and totally comfortable.

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  1. Whats with the jar of pickles in the twister photo?

    Everything else made me piss myself.

    And don't forget to cut holes in the bottom of those couches and put a bucket in there so you all can piss/shit in it.

    Hmmm. Sounds legit.

  2. "I mainly like drinking for my birthdays."

    Yup, I love you.

  3. That would make sense why I like you. I'm an Aquarius and we're like peas and carrots (Gemini & Aqaurius) haha!
    Fuck growing old! I'm 28 in February! Asssss

  4. HAHAHA... I was thinking the same thing as Natalie. There's one jar holding down a Twister corner, and then one sad little runaway jar off to the side.

    Also, hello, fellow May birthday person who's also turning 28 on their next May birthday. Awesome, huh?

  5. I found you through the Coffee Talk link-up and I just have to say that you are one of the funniest writers I have seen in a while! Definitely a new follower....

  6. I wish I liked drinking so much! hahah. I get a horrid hangover like, every time now... I feel old...

  7. @adrienne - i get wicked nasty hangovers. but still insist on getting beat up drunk.


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