Friday, November 9

High Five 4 Friday

if i had a horse i would name it "friday" and ride it all the time.
i guess that doesn't make much sense.  except that i was thinking about the adams family movie and the character wednesday and i guess i don't understand how the rest of the days of the week never really took off as names for weird children.
but that's neither here nor there.  but what is here is the link up with lauren at from my grey desk.

1. i got new shoes this week.  and they double as both footwear and also weapons because of the spikes.

2. this calamari.  i don't get it.  you're squid but you deep fried in the shape of an elephant.  
make up your damn mind.

3. shitler got a new gun.  and it's basically all he fucking talks about.  
and then the other day we had this conversation:
shitler: i just really want to kill something.
me: uh, don't go around saying that out loud.

4. totally ordered stickers of all my instagram photos through printstagram.
i'm stoked.

5. we went to dinner with friends for their son's birthday this week.  
and there's honestly never a dull moment.  
shitler and the birthday boy played the states game in the backseat after dubbing it the handjob area.  if anyone is interested in how to play the state game you do the following:
place your hand on the knee of the person you're playing with.  think of a state.  every time they're wrong; slide your hand closer to their crotch area.  needless to say, shitler guessed mississippi every time.  typical.
not to mention that dinner got interesting when this conversation was had:
foy: everyone - shannon got a reverse brazilian today at our crotch waxing appointment.
shitler: seriously?
me: no, it's all gone.
foy: what?  you get all of it waxed?
me: ya, why would you bother to leave anything?
foy: i need to have the landing strip.  otherwise pat (her husband) doesn't know his way around.

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  1. You left out the best part of it--that the strip is like fucking Braille for him...or he'd fuck my belly button...or asshole.

  2. instagram stickers?? how did i not know about this! xo annalizbeth

  3. Hilarious. that is all.

  4. Hilarious. that is all.

  5. omg.....

    this is the most funniest shit i have ever seen. read. whatever.

    but all i wanna do is come and move in with you guys and hang out everyday.

    tell shitler him an i can go kill a bunch of shit. im down.

    as for the hairless beaver... tis better that way ;)

  6. BAHAAAA!!!
    Away with the landing strip! Bald eagle, best bet...ha!

    I am def gonna try those instagram stickers...what am I waiting for...oh yeah, read more, catch up, press enter, get dressed to go out, and have one too many drinks after that.....

    so that didn't make any sense...ah...fack it!

    Andie's Traveling Pants

  7. I never knew you could print off your instagram photos! How cool. I would definitely NOT mess with you in those shoes haha. I loved Wednesday in the Adams Family. I wonder why they picked that day of the week.

  8. *testing* *testing* 1, 2, 3... lol.

    Dude, do you think getting your photos as stickers are gonna be worth it?? Because I have been on the fence about it for soooooooo long... And I just don't know what I'd do with them!

  9. I stopped by from Coffee Talk but started reading your older posts too because they were so entertaining.

    Your blog is fucking awesome.

    That is all.


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