Wednesday, December 12

a rare holiday related post.

i'm exhausted after a night of laying on the couch, watching bravo, and not drinking.
go figure.

here are two things that don't really go together but i want simultaneously.

because the whole not being sober thing means ingesting empty calories like it's my job which in fact cancels out the whole being skinny thing.

can santa bring me these for xmas?


  1. If Santa could figure out that dilemma, the world would be a better place. I'm still figuring out vitamin infused vodka, so I don't have to actually eat, ever...

  2. lmao..

    you could always try the "liquid" diet. You will be kickin it Karen Carpenter style if you go that route...

    just don't die.

  3. Amen to that! Story of my nightly life!....well, but for trying not to drink.

  4. lots of lettuce and dunk it in vodka...there you go, negative calories. And that half soda, half tonic vodka drink is the way to go...'nuff said!


    Andie's Traveling Pants

    PS-Is it sad that I am consistently hungry and the only thing that has curbed my hunger in the last 2 weeks has been going for a 30 minute run on Monday? Sad, but true. Guess I'm going again tonight.

  5. hahaha these gif's are making me giggle. i was just getting caught up with RHOBH - so much ridiculous drama and I'm ashamed of myself for loving it so much.

  6. If santa comes through on that, send him my way!

  7. oh the dilema... it's universal-ish. =)

    The boys and I will be boarding a plane soon in search of holidays with loved ones and snow-- oh my goodness we may just freeze our little island toes off, but I wanted to stop by here first, to:

    Thank you for being a sweet part of last week's An Aloha Affair.
    And, to personally invite you to join us again today.


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