Tuesday, December 11

i feel like shitler would qualify for sleep studies

so last night all i wanted to do was going to the bar and eat this:
buffalo burger - are you even kidding?

and then i wanted to go home.
but instead we stayed and shitler drank twelve of these:

i had ONE of these:

then we journeyed home.
went to sleep.
and then i was battered.
this being the second night in a row.  not to mention this has happened before.

on the real.  please read how i was attacked in my sleep here and here.

shitler talks constantly in his sleep.  then he flails.
and on occasion his flailing appendages connect with parts of my body (not in a perverted way you freaks)
sunday night he yelled in his sleep and then popped me square in the eye.
last night i took a shot to the kidney (and don't question me on knowing where my kidney was because i do know where it is.  because i got drunk once and demanded a friend punch me in the kidney so i would know what it felt like).

i'll keep you posted if i start peeing blood.

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  1. holy crap that burger looks amazing!

  2. lol.. seriously... ELL OH ELL!

  3. Someone's going to report you as a battered woman. the eye? the kidney? You need separate beds for sure...

  4. 12?! Holy crap....but put that burger in there and anything can happen :) Looks like you have a fun time, as you should

  5. Ummmm that burger looks delicious....i wish i could eat burgers every day

  6. @kai - me too lady, me too. except it would go straight to my ass.

  7. ermahgerd. (yes, that happened).

    I just laughed all the way through that post. And, holy crap that burger.. I want it. In my mouth. Right now.

  8. 1st: Those baby Highlights are soooooo cute
    2nd: You should probably scream that fact in a baby voice at Shitler cause boys TOTALLY love that
    3rd: My boy is the SAME way! It's really hard to not hit him back when he is sleeping. It's not his fault but DAMN does it hurt!

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    Have a great day!
    Kristy @ Shona Skye Creations

  10. Lmao!!! I would've punched him right back!! Hahaha

  11. Hey! Found your blog through the Blog Working Wednesdays blog hop! I'm a new follower...come check out my blog if you want :)



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