Monday, December 17

weekend crap: winning

i don't even care that maybe you'll probably get annoyed with all the photos i plan on posting.
like today.

deal with it.

my neighbor's daughter is going to get super fed up with me.
give me two days and i bet she won't get excited to see me anymore.

 and then there's two freaks.

ok, and also let's mention the packers.
because we're division champs BABY.
and if anyone was wondering - the bears still suck.

oh, and my brother is hilarious.

how was your weekend?

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  1. All of your pictures totally annoyed me. HAHA I kid, I kid. That kid is too cute.

  2. I'm not saying that those tweets are not hilarious. Or inaccurate. I'm just choosing to ignore them.
    Hawkeyes, Bears, KY Wildcats... my sports year is epically sucking.
    Also, I hate Jay Cutler.

  3. My weekend was fucking awesome because I spent money I didn't have, I watched bill drink himself stuper. AND I talked to you!


  4. Dallas is in a 3 way tie and Eli Manning looks like his first words were "GEH!"... That's what I'm holding on to


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