Thursday, December 20

coffee talk installment 15

coffee talk time.

1. what type of phone do you have?
an iPhone 4.  i wish there was a more creative way to answer this.  but there isn't.
so, whatever.

2. look to your right.  what do you see?

3. list five random facts about yourself.
1. snakes terrify me.  like violently terrify me.
2. whistling drives me bat-shit fucking crazy.
3. i could eat pickles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  and also as snacks.
4. if i could, i would punch people with bucket lists in the face. 
5. i'm obsessed with popping shitler's zits.  go ahead - judge me.

4. what is the one talent you wish you were great at?
something that made me a shit-ton of money.  like singing.  or dancing.  even stripping.  
just a talent of some sort.  other than being super good at being lazy and drinking.
that hasn't made me any money.  yet.

5. go to and hit random.  the first random wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.  go to and click random quotes.  the last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album.  go to and click on explore.  seventh picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.  use to put it all together.  now show us your album!

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  1. I LOVE popping my husband's zits... It's not weird, right?? lol. I could do it forever.

    Your album cover is super cool!! Haha. I love that pic.


  3. Shut yo mouf. You love your iPhone just as much as your Uncle Jesse. Pfft.

    Shitler is the shit. And tell him I fucking said so.

    -Snakes are harmless. Not.
    -I whistle. When I am poopin...
    -Pickles are the shit as well.
    -Bucket lists are gay. And so was the fuckin movie.
    -I pop Bills zits too. Boom.

    If I had the body and no kids, I would totally strip. Yes ma'am!

    And you did NOT come up with that image and shit RANDOMLY! You picked yours! I know you!

  4. This is so fun! I love this idea! (:
    Cute blog too! (: Found you from the gfc blog hop! You can find me here:

  5. dying at your album cover, haha!

  6. I wish I had a talent that made me money too! Anything really, it wouldn't matter. And I hate bucket lists. Also I FREAKING love your blog title! I found you from one of the blog hops!


  7. Do you think Shitler knows how creepy he looks? Because he looks like the type of person that shouldn't be allowed within 100 feet of a school in that picture. (With love.)

    I hate whistlers too.

    But I love you.

    Also, does this mean we can't see the snakes at the zoo? Are they off limits?

  8. I'm loving that "tea, coffee, vodka" photo, awesome :)

    Stephanie (from coffee talk link up)

  9. I often feel like Kh doesn't produce enough zits to sedate my zit popping obsession. so, no judging here. why is it so satisfying?

    It took me years to find out that pickles were once cucmbers - fucking blew my mind. BLEW IT. I think I was like 15 too..

  10. as long as we're confessing, i pluck my husband's random hairs with tweezers. you know, those fu-man-chu type hairs? yeah, those.

  11. I guess I have a punch in the face coming then! Not in the mouth, dental work is too expensive. How about the glasses? I need new ones next year anyway.


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