Sunday, December 23

wrapping paper hell

stopping by to show you what i did today.
i won't bore you with many words because i'm kind of drunk and also lazy.

basically made xmas my bitch.

wrapping paper carcasses.

FINALLY MA!! now pay attention to me.
to quote jesus: "it is finished."
wrong holiday.
but you get the idea.

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  1. I'm impressed. I feel inadequate as a woman, because I suck at wrapping presents. I'm a Christmas embarrassment haha

  2. Wow! I applaud you!! :D
    You go girl! :D Love all the wrapping paper!

  3. I LOVE WRAPPING PRESENTS. I am so weird.

  4. I despise wrapping presents... The ones I wrapped tonight look like festive clumps of snowmen and tape. Yours are beautiful... You must be a very patient woman.


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