Friday, December 14

high five 4 friday

i over-served myself some boxed wine last night.
so my 16-hour work day is sure to drag.

BUT - it's friday and i have things to high-five with lauren.


1.  what is it with drinking and then getting your hands on a camera and knowing that in the morning there will be photos galore?  evidence of last night right here:

2. OMG.  found a $10 gift card from like a fucking year ago.  
immediate downloading of 90s music thanks to this chick.

3. one time a cat lived in my house for like nine months.  he has since moved up in life to a swanky condo in milwaukee.  he's also very festive.

4. i've been re-discovering my love of salami.  
maybe some people don't think salami is worth high-fiving.  
i hope to god i never meet those people.

5.  prep your uterus for this next photo.
because i basically can't even handle it.

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  1. i hear you on the salami. one time i ate a whole dong of salami and even though i knew it would give me the worst gas, i ate it anyway because it's THAT GOOD. my husband wasn't pleased though.

  2. Your photos are missing me.

    I wish I could magically find an iPad. For free.

    That cat has nothing on Grumpy Cat.

    Salami is the shit.

    And my uterus can't do nothing except excrete blood. Those bitches were tied.

  3. Over-serve? Is that possible?
    Ohhh right the giant bruise on my ass...
    I am so excited you're dedicating the itunes card to the 90s. Best day ever.
    And that is one heck of a festive cat.

  4. I love finding money from years and years ago :) It's like Christmas morning all over again

  5. Well, I don't know about plain salami, BUT... Here in Germany there is Paprika-Salami and it's like... a mild version of a pepperoni, and it's fucking amazing. I have it nearly every morning for breakfast.

    And that cat is amazing.

  6. Cat shot is very the condo life! Just need to find an ipod.


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