Friday, December 21

high five 4 friday

high five ya'all.  since it's fridayyyyyyyyyyyyy.
so in the spirit of all things friday it's time to link up with lauren.

1. don't
2. you 
3. judge
4. me
5. an actual arrangement that i stumbled upon at work.  
and NO - that wasn't my doing.  although i'm pissed i didn't do it first.

also - at what point does it become unacceptable to constantly take adorable photos of children that aren't yours?  
i think i've reached that unacceptable point but i don't even care.

also - i just desperately want to be friends with lisa vanderpump from real housewives of beverly hills.
i want diamonds and champagne.
and the tiny dog.
and her house.
and i think if i saw her on the streets i would just start to scream uncontrollably.  
and she would probably say this:


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  1. I think it became unacceptable the day we started our baby b fan club.


  2. those pics of that little girl are so cute!!

    when i was working, there was a guy who had these action hero figures on the ledge of his cubicle wall. every day, i'd go by and arrange them in positions that were not appropriate for the workplace but totally appropriate in my head. i could hear him angrily muttering to himself: "wtf is wrong with people around here?" or "wtf, again?! batman does NOT fuck superman!" and i would laugh my ass off. oh, i also sat in the cubicle beside him which made it even more epic hahahahahahaha!

  3. the child is so adorable. I wouldn't be able to NOT take photos either!

  4. haha. love that arrangement. looks like something my hubby would do... totally. thanks for stopping in at my blog =) following you back, girl =)

  5. I think you should quit trying to be modest and 'fess up to the hippo bow-chicka-bow-wow already.


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