Friday, December 28

high five 4 friday

what the shit, week?
i don't know which way is up or down.
but i do know it's friday.
so let's high-five and link up with lauren.

1. no, you are mistaken.  that is not a puppy in shitler's jacket and no he's not trying to smuggle it home.

2. yup.  bought it.  because it's amazing and i deserve it and i can't wait to obsessively re-watch.  #girls

3. so shitler's family does a white elephant.  last year he got paper made out of recycled elephant shit.
this year he gets doody head the game.  i don't understand the theme nor do i understand why people have so many poop-related things laying around their house.  what i do understand is that this is the most amazing gift shitler has ever gotten and it's  now officially mine and i can't wait to get drunk and play it.

4. i haven't worn matching socks all week.  lay off.

5. so i never got a giant play-car when i was little.  that's some bullllllshit.
but baby b did.  and a pink cadillac escalade, no less.

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  1. tell baby b to come and pick me up.

  2. Doody head the game?! What?! How do you play? I want it...

  3. I love the show Girls. Easily one of my favorites!!! It's coming back on soon, I saw a preview and of course I can't remember when it said it was starting. I can tell ya it's not soon enough!


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