Saturday, December 15

picture snappin'

i got this.

so prepare yourself for my recap of night one.
with my new baby.
that i named uncle jesse.

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  1. New camera!!!!! NICE!! Happy Snappin!

  2. Have Mercyyyyyyyyyy...

    LOVE IT!

    After you showed me the camera, a commercial came on for it... that fucker is BAD ASS!

    When I get my iPad... be prepared for tons of photos of it. I think I shall name it too. Since it's a nerdy type of thing... I will name it "Anthony Michael Hall".

    And if you don't know who that is... I will fart in yo' mouf.

  3. fuck yeaaah! my favorite is the picture of murphy. LOVE YOU.

  4. sweet! now you can pretend to be a profesh photog just like me... even though i use the "auto" setting only but whatevs.

    it's a sweet camera. looking forward to seeing your pics. hopefully not of dongs. well, ok i'd like to see that.

  5. That is the sweetest baby ever!!! I love Uncle Jesse!
    I have been taking mine everywhere so I can sneak in a shot every now and then. I love the auto no flash setting heehee :)

  6. OMG I am obsessed with the fact that you named your dog Uncle Jesse!

  7. Yay! We have the same camera and it has been nothing but good to us :)

  8. Jealous of the camera… it will be mine one day!


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