Sunday, December 23

typical day winter day.

shitler excitedly fist pumping because there's finally legit ice on the lake.

me excitedly fist pumping because i can take pictures like this.

this guy gazing into my eyes.

this guy getting sick of his picture being taken.

seriously, ma?!

battling for mom's love!

pausing for a photo op.

staring lovingly into each other's eyes.

act like they haven't been battling for the last hour.

channeling a demon.

wanna move in with me?
i can at least guarantee it will never be dull.

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  1. I am packing my bags right now.

  2. I have plenty of my own ice and snow and shit, but your canine pimp masters make me so jealous.

  3. Beautiful photos!!! Enjoy your new camera (Canons are the shit!) :)

  4. Freakish!!! I'm coming over right now to melt some ice as I will bring my super cold winter of 70 degrees! You know thissssss!


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