Monday, December 10

wrap it up

sometimes i look at my phone on sunday evening and forget how much of a shit show the weekend actually was.

shoes that almost killed me, drunk photo shoots, work party, playing pretend drug mule, and target practice.
you're welcome.

how the hell was your weekend?

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  1. I've been watching Grey's Anatomy (From season 6 to present) for like a week and a half... Like I don't have a real life to live or something...

  2. LoL...I so know the feeling, you wake up and have to check your texts, recent calls, pics, tweets, fb updates....morning after ritual! Yikes! Awesome pics!

  3. The gun photo=best thing ever!!! LOVE IT!

  4. Awesome photos :-) Seems like a hell of a weekend ! I found you through the Aloha Affair Blog Hop and followed you. Feel free to visit my blog anytime and maybe follow if you like what you see there ;-)

    kisses Keke (Pakize)

  5. Someone had a good weekend! Love those shoes! That's a cool pic!

  6. VAVAVAVAVAVAVAVBOOOOm chacalacacacaca shoes!

    that is all...and continue

  7. Okay. Lets just cut the bullshit and fucking meet. Mmmmmk??

  8. Dude. Those shoes. Can I have them please? K, thanks.


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