Thursday, December 13

Coffee Talk Installment 14

coffee talk time with natalie.


1. what are your winter "must haves?"
this is not a joke.  
ok.  it's kind of a joke.
but seriously try and tell me those AREN'T must haves?"

holiday must-haves

2. what is on your christmas wishlist this year?
uhhh, not being annoyed by the holidays.  can santa bring me that?
i can't help but think that holidays bring out the worst in people.
when people aren't obsessing about everything they want they're busy stressing out about making sure to get the perfect gift for someone else.
if you want - you can get me a ridiculously awesome pair of socks.

3. what is your favorite holiday coffee/tea/alcoholic beverage?
i certainly don't discriminate.
so basically anything i can get my hands on.
spiked cider, strip & go nakeds, hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps, etc.
you know the deal.

4. what are your top three holiday desserts?
literally cheesecake in any form.
cherry cheesecake.
apple cheesecake.
mini cheesecakes.

5. what time do you get up to open presents from santa with your family?  do you clean up right away or do you leave it in a huge pile until it's the night before trash day?
ummm whenever i sleep my hangover off.  duh.
xmas is split pretty evenly between mine and shitler's family.  
xmas eve is with the shitlers.
xmas day is with the non-shitlers.

typically i just put my crap everywhere until shitler bitches at me to clean it up.
so i don't see why wrapping paper carcasses would be any different.

also - when i was younger i would get up before the sun.  like even when it wasn't xmas.
so on one xmas morn i rose from my bed and tip-toed around the house and was thoroughly disappointed that i was once again the only one up.  
but instead of going back to my room i went to the room of my baby brothers, laid down on the floor between their beds, and passed out.  
only to be woken up later on by the frantic freaking out of my parents because i wasn't in my bed.
logically - they assumed i had been abducted and proceeded to dial 911.
i managed to intercept said phone call and we narrowly missed a visit from the cops on xmas day.

6. what is your new year's resolution.
to not be such a fat ass.
and also to try harder to not drown my sorrows in carbs.
please note i said carbs.  not alcohol.

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  1. That Christmas story of you being "abducted" belongs in a movie. Seriously.

    I feel you on the carbs. I really have to find a happy medium between eating my calories and drinking my calories. I will never give up alcohol so I am assuming this means I have to stop eating so much. Boo.

  2. You would get the cops called on Christmas morning. I totally agree with your winter must haves list. It closely resembles my list of what I asked my parents for for Christmas. Which was liquor store gift cards.

  3. lmao!! you seriously crack me up!

  4. I think it's hilarious that tiny Shannon decided to just catch a couple extra zzz's on the floor of someone else's bedroom.

  5. Haha. Love.
    I especially want some cheesecake now!

  6. Mmmm I miss cheesecake :) and I all about a nice pair of socks, they make my day. And how about that cat in the flower hat? TOTAL MUST HAVE!


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