Thursday, January 3

coffee talk installment 16

it was weird to not do this last thursday.

but it's the usual.  link up, and answer the questions, grab the button, post it.
boom.  done.

1. it's 2K13!  what will be the first thing you do that is memorable?
not be a fat ass?  try hard not to binge drink?  actually use my gym membership?
not be a couch-laying-piece-of-shit?

is this a trick question?  like to make me feel bad about myself?
because if it is it totally worked.

2. it's also income tax season.  what do you plan on doing with all of that money?
save it.  because i have to get married in 2K14.
and apparently you need money if you want to get married here:

or anywhere for that matter.
which is total bullshit.

3. what are your 2012 pros/cons?
pros: got a new camera, got engaged (so now my 12+ year eternity relationship isn't such a joke to everyone), took slacking off to new levels, watched enough shit reality television to rot an entire army's brain, printed out a lot of hilarious internet pictures and hung them in my cubicle, drank gallons of alcohol, started getting my vagina waxed, started listening to chingy again,etc.

cons: didn't wear enough baggy, off the shoulder numbers and hangovers.

baggy, off the shoulder like this ya'll

4. what are you looking forward to this year?
for like a hot minute i thought about laying off the booze but then i realized that's a giant lie and also something i wouldn't ever look forward to.
because this is how we all know i feel about getting drunk:

so i guess maybe learning how to get even better at my alcohol consumption?

5. what was your favorite movie, CD, book of 2K12?
ok.  i am consistently like three years behind anything current.  like at all times.
so when i think about favorites i just think about the things i wildly obsessed about for a month.

movie: duh, sgt. bilko.  all day, every day.

CD: do people still buy those?  i don't.  so no, i don't have a favorite CD.  
but these are some songs i constantly made everyone around me listen to:

book: omg omg omg. anything by chuck palahniuk.  
i managed to cash invisible monsters, choke, and damned.
i live for his books.
chuck - CALL  ME.

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  1. roflmfao... I fucking love you you LUSH!

    And that photo made me ..... ummm... horny. HA!

    I promise to never take a break like that again. I am sorry. ;)

    You didn't put in there about Shitlers charades while sleeping. Fuck nut.

  2. haha awesome pics. and no, no one uses CDs anymore

  3. omg lol to all espec chumbawamba. dying over here

  4. CD's what are those, the things we used to play Frisbee with? Bahaha!

    Also, I totally fucking rocked chumbawamba 'I get knocked down' this morning on the way to work.

  5. congrats on the engagement..
    once you get waxed it's impossible going back..

    1. thanks lady! and i KNOW. i will never not do it ever again.

  6. I want to get my ish waxed too so let me know how that goes. My pootie tang is scared and I would like to reassure it that it's not so bad.

  7. CHUMBAWAMBA!!! ***I get knocked down, I get up again, something never gonna keep me down!! *** Repeat.

    Word. Hubsand and I got married for $3k. Which included round trip tix for the hubs from S.Korea to Oregon. So I think that was a win. lol. It doesn't HAVE to be expensive.

  8. Danger zone...really? I remember Top Gun because my lil bro wanted to be a pilot from the age of 5 to 7. And that song, scratch that, THAT MOVIE was on replay for 2 years of my life.
    Anyhow...welcome to the world of vayjayjay waxing...make sure to buy a loofah!
    And don't worry about that 12 year least its at the next level! I met him at 16, got married at 27. But get ready because then it'll be, when are the kids coming? and when is kid #3 coming. so...there. Total BS...but get married in Mexico because that would totally rock the boat!? k.thanx.bai.

    Andie's Traveling Pants


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