Tuesday, January 29

no one even lambeau leaped. or is it leapt?

with all due respect - weddings are exhausting.  and this one wasn't even mine.
but i think it takes a lot of dedication to strap in and stay committed to binge drinking.
in honor of the wedding.  obviously.

so here are some non-iPhone pictures.
and don't worry.  the quality might be nicer but everyone is still just as drunk.

that's all i've got.
because i'm still recovering.
and yes - i'm aware that it's tuesday.

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  1. Dude. When Bill and I get married I want him to do that to me in front of everyone. That's just fucken HOT!

  2. Why is his shirt off?? NO COMPRENDO. And, I really like the picture of you and Shitler. It's like you guys like each other or something.

    1. we only like each other on fridays and saturdays and every third wednesday of the month. and why wouldn't his shirt be off? i was into it.

  3. Umm did Magic Mike make an appearance at that wedding?

    Now I am SUPER pissed that I didn't get an invite. Psh.

  4. I'm still recovering just looking at your photos...

  5. Looks like a damn good wedding! Hell ya
    Btw your hair looks so pretty is that all natural curl?

    1. it has a wave to it - i have to amp it up.
      and the wedding was DEFINITELY a good time!

  6. That looks like a pretty wild time! I can't believe his shirt is off!!!

  7. hahaha drunken nights/days are the best! my last was during the 49ers playoffs game - literally did victory laps around the bar :P


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