Thursday, January 17

coffee talk installment 18

it's coffee talking time with natalie at 23seventeen.
fun fact: i haven't had coffee since last thursday and i kind of want to die.
but oh well.
so answer the questions and then link your shit up.

1. compile your best music mix tape:
side 1
1. two princes - spin doctors
2. crazy rap (colt 45 ) - afroman
3. the wind - cat stevens
4. crescendolls - daft punk
5. i touch myself - divinyls 
6. kashmir - led zeppelin
7. i just wanna love you - jay z
8. thorn of crowns - echo & the bunnymen

side 2
1. a case of you - joni mitchell
2. hold on - wilson phillips
3. blackbird - the beatles
4. when they come for me - linkin park
5. i want you - savage garden
6. gold dust woman - fleetwood mac
7. you oughta know - alanis morissette
8. halloween - dave matthews band

2. biggie or 2pac?
can i just not care?  because i don't.
i enjoy rapping along to both like a goddamn freak.
so i would have to say that i'm an equal opportunity rap enthusiast.

3. what's the best music video ever made?
the video is just so supremely creepy and awkward.  i can't get enough.

4. put together your best outfit of your favorite singer/band
ok, so i love the shit out of dave matthews band.
like probably to the point that it's unhealthy.
and instead of putting together his outfit - because let's be honest it's jeans and a button-down -
i put together what i would wear to the show.
you know - when i'm ghost-faced wasted at alpine valley swaying back and forth 
like a damn hippie.

favorite band style

5. what music is your guilty pleasure?
all house music.  i just can't help it.  i could rage to some daft punk at any point in time.
for instance - one time my friend bowser and i finished getting drunk at a brewers game
in the parking lot of miller park and busted out a tiny stereo and blasted some daft punk
for the parking lot all while yelling "MAKE EVERY PARTY A DANCE PARTY."

6. quote your favorite lyric from a song

led zeppelin's "ten years gone"

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  1. Nice to meet ya!! Love the outfit choice and I also love Dave Mathews band!!

    1. thanks chick! any lover of DMB is a friend of mine!

  2. oh my dear god. Not only did you list, like, the most randomly awesome songs, but you said "ghost-faced wasted." I am officially obsessed with you. This is serious. hahaha. love this.

  3. HOUSE MUSIC you say? Fuck yes.

    I totally forgot Wilson Phillips. I love their shit. Not like their shit, shit but their songs I mean.

    And Dave Matthews?? We have officially graduated from best friends to lovers. Is that weird? Whatever, I don't care if it is.

  4. i`d like to wear that outfit all day e`eryday.

    1. i know right?! except it's like 10 degrees where i am.
      so that might not fly.

  5. Agh! You said our music tastes could marry! Dave Matthews Band... I can't. Is it too late for an annulment?

    Just kidding. Let's let our music tastes elope. No couple is perfect.

  6. you've won my heart even more with your proclamation of love for house music.

  7. Damn right "You Oughta Know." And you gotta crank that shit and sing - no, scream - along. It's the girl national anthem.

  8. Okay.. So, now you are REALLY my best friend, dude. ... Spin Doctors?! Halloween?! Cat F'in Stevens? Fleetwood Mac? ..Shocking.

  9. Led Zeppelin= love.....I also use to listen to nothing but House Music...I still listen to some, but it's mostly indie rock and classic rock now...oh, and some R&B of course....Found you from the Coffee Talk linkup, I'm sure you've guessed! -Jessica L


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