Friday, January 11

high five 4 friday

let the high-fiving commence in honor of friday.

1. i can't even stop listening to this.  like i'm obsessed.
and i hate myself as a result.
BUT - she's SO fine.  designed to blow your mind.

2. the neighbor found shitler doing this.  i don't even have a comment.

3. it's like warm out.  and rainy.  
which is ruining the ice and making everything outside fucking disgusting.
the poor lake just looks used and abused.

4. kudos to you this week period tracker.  you're killing it in the humor department.

5. lastly - i made my dog a hoodie.
and if you're wondering - yes that's a t-shirt underneath his hoodie.
his woodstock t-shirt to be exact.

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  1. Your dog has the prettiest eyes ever.

    No judging in the boy band department. I had an orgasm in my pants when I found out JT is working on a new album.

    I need that period tracker.

  2. where's my fucking PILLOW CASE!!!!!!!!!

    and tell shitler I have tons of makeup if he wants to play dress up!!


  3. You've got the star of my liquid dream

  4. OMG O-TOWN!!!!!!!! Hell yeah!!!

  5. O-TOWN! Dear sweet baby jesus, I totally remember them. Way to bring em back Shannon girl, way to go. Also, the weather has sucked around here too. But I guess it would probably suck more with a lake in the back that is just all slushy and shitty. At least here it's supposed to get a lot colder this weekend, freeze everything back up and make it right and tight. WHAT?

    1. thanks lover. i appreciate you building me up.
      ALSO - i'm now obsessed with that damn thrift store song. THANKS A LOT.

  6. hmmm. damn...O-Town...I never thought you could do this...but you've top it!
    Oh and I'll sing Backstreets back because they are all right too!

    Please tell me about this looks like all kinds of shitler stylin' fun!


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