Thursday, January 10

coffee talk installment 17

get down.
on some coffee talk.  with NATALIE.
just answering the questions and linking up and bullshitting.  
you know.  the usual.

1. would you rather have a pen pal or an email pal?
both.  i want both.
i deserve both.
i practically have both already.  i talk to natalie and samm on a consistently stalkerish basis.
and sometimes - samm sends me pictures like this:

totally normal.

2. what are you wearing at this exact moment?
ok.  something that i don't think really matches.
and it doesn't match because i got dressed in the fucking dark.
like i do every morning.
and must do so in like seven minutes because i hit the snooze button 
until the last possible second and then shoot out of bed like a goddamn 
wild animal and try to get my shit together without being late to work.

ok AND.
i'm wearing matching socks for the first time in a month.  #proud moment
but i'm not wearing underwear.
probably because i forgot.

3. when you are sick how do you handle it?
that's how i handle it.  
i don't want to see anyone and i certainly don't want anyone to see me.
i would rather wrap myself in a cocoon of self-pity and be left to my own devices.
should i enlist you to bring me something i would rather you leave it by the door and leave.
i have been known to drown my sick sorrows in a bottle of alcohol.
mainly because my sick-addled brain tries to convince me that the alcohol will cleanse my blood
and therefore help me to get back on the mend.

it doesn't ever work.
but i attempt it like every, single time.

4. i am [fill in the blank]
doing this:

5. what movie you are excited to see this year?
ummm - city of bones.  only because i'm ravaging the book series right now.
but i probably won't even go see it in theaters.  
because i'm lazy.
and i'll wait for it to come out on dvd because i'm cheap.

and quickly - that goddamn preview for that movie "mama" is driving me insane.
like when it comes on and i can't find the remote to change the channel i need to leave the room.

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  1. OH my goodness! You do save my pictures! Love you boo bear. You're awesome. High five for wearing matching socks. High five in the face.


    1. i have a file entitled "pictures from samm."
      now, bend over to the front and touch your toes.

      GET LOW.

  2. I fucking hate that preview for that stupid motherfucking Mama movie. It makes me want to stab myself in the jugular vein with a steak knife. Seriously. I fucking hate it.

    Oh, and can I be your e-mail buddy? I would like to get in on these shenanigans too. K, thanks.

  3. Awe, I wish I had friends like that! hahaha.

  4. i'm the exact same way when i'm sick: leave me the F alone. do not talk to me, do not touch me; do not come near me. just let me wish for a quick death in peace.... unless i ask you to get something for me which you must get immediately and then leave me the F alone.

    1. I KNOW. i can't stand the sight of anyone when i'm sick.
      just let me wallow alone.

  5. Hi! I'm visiting via the coffee talk link-up.

    I love your blog title! Kind of caught my attention. :)

  6. So, it's always matching socks or underwear. It cannot be both, it's just too much effort for one morning.
    Also, hot toddys and apple juice with cinnamon schnapps cure all illnesses. It's true.

  7. DUDE! Fucking fold your socks together before you put them in the drawer! I won't comment on the underoos, other than chafing? And yes, that was a rhetorical question.

  8. I'm so excited for City of Bones. I'm on City of Glass right now. Love the books.

  9. 1. I really like the look of your are pulling off rock and roll / blog lady in perfect harmony.
    2. Hilarious writing.

  10. Thanks for stopping by from Nat's link-up yesterday! Sorry that I'm just getting a chance to come visit your blog! That pic depicts that you are having a pretty rough day! Here's to wishing you a much better weekend than that, girl! haha.

  11. Dude. This is late. But who the fuck cares.

    Come and nurse me back to health. I wanna be held this time.
    I don't care what anyone says.

    You and Samm are mah bitches.
    So when I get online and I am looking for ya'll...
    I always say: "wheremahbitches?!"

    Yes.. all together like that.

    That movie Mama scares me. Only because of how the kids crawl around like wild animals. And to me?? This seems like an updated HORROR flick of Jodie Fosters "Nell".

    You heard she was gay right?
    Came out at the Globes.
    Well... she didn't just say "hey.. im gay... thanks for the award"
    She did this loooooooooooong speech and a ton of innuendos.
    It was redic.

    Enjoy this long ass comment.
    This will never happen again.


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