Friday, January 25

high five 4 friday

typically everyone's favorite day of the week is friday (and sometimes saturday). 
but not me.  
mainly because i have to work at that hellish restaurant and deal with people's bullshit.
so although i will be high-fiving friday today with lauren at from my grey desk  and doing a friday related thing with christi from diary of a blonde newlywed i need you all to know that if i could marry tuesday night - i would.
because shitler has bowling and that makes it the most glorious night of the week.
no shitler means i don't have to catch flack for watching seven straight hours of bravo shows that i've already seen.  don't you judge me.

but i digress.

1.  in case anyone was wondering if i like wwe wrestling - i want you to know that i do.
and i also enjoy buying action figures that i don't need.
and i also enjoy finding this kind of aisle at the store.

2.  so once upon a time there was a cat that lived at our house.  and i loved him.
charlie was his name and being fucking weird was his game.
i took a picture of the very first meet and greet of charlie and shitler and it was 
basically the most hilarious picture of all time.

so when charlie went to live in a swank condo in downtown milwaukee i had the picture developed and used it as my bookmark.  until one day when we were at the new home of our friends and shitler pilfered the picture and put it in one of their empty photo frames.
for the record - one of the residents didn't realize there was a weird picture of a cat and shitler hanging in their home for a month.  and also for the record - it's still there.

also, this has nothing to do with this week but i wanted you to know anyway.

3.  i found this old picture of shitler this week.  and are you even kidding me devil child?

4.  this probably would fit better into high-fiving next week but i'm too excited to wait till then.
shitler and i will be attending a wedding this weekend.
a wedding at the most glorious place on earth.

5.  in scrolling through all my pictures for this for this last week i realize that i did nothing of substance.  like not one damn thing.  unless you count watching twelve hours of pretty little liars as something with substance.  which it isn't.  so you'd be wrong.  and mainly just makes me feel like a lazy loser.  which i am.  but i think the most important thing in life is just accepting who you are.  and i have.  in which case means i'm way ahead of all you people trying to "become better people."
so anyway - in an attempt to wrap up this convoluted post i leave you with this.


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  1. I'm just gonna come out and say it, because I know everyone is thinking it. You can stop calling your fiance Shitler. We all know his real name. It's Zach Gali-finna-mucus or whatever. We get it, okay? You're not fooling anyone.

    In other news, you are fucking hot Shannon girl. Green really suits you well. I mean, I think purple would be even better, but baby steps. ALSO -- how do you feel about the Brewers? Because my family there loves them and managed to rope me in. My cousin is also one of those sausage things. So there is that. We should go to a game and bring Uncle Jesse and Pamela Anderson with us so they can remember what happens for us.

    -- xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxox.

    1. i swear to FUCK if you mean purple as in vikings purple i will slit your throat.
      out of love. obviously.

      and YES - brewers out for sure. we can get miller park drunk.

  2. I am DYING at that picture. That looks like a fucking awesome cat.

    I think I've told you this before, but your face reminds me of Britney Spears. This is not a bad thing.

  3. I think I just became obsessed with you. Is that too much? Too soon? Probably. I'm creepy like that.

    Charlie. I love it all. The WWE? I posted about it this week too. And then I got 100+ weird ass twitter followers because John freaking Cena followed me on twitter.

    Anyways, Happy Weekend!

  4. a wedding at lambeau!? gtfo. that`s awesome.

  5. AHHHHAHAH! Love your sense of humor! That last photo is totally on par with my 1st vlog: I am the ultimate hipster. Check it out if you must lol

    "Stalking" your blog from Peacoats and Plaid, now a follower because there aren't enough ACTUALLY funny bloggers out there.

  6. I am actually gonna be sentimental with this comment. Because I can.

    But you and Shitler look so adorable.

    Okay. Sentimental bs over.

    Now come over and indulge in some wine and booze with me. Do it now. We can get drunk and watch PLL.... and we can claim we did it before it was "cool". MMmmmk?


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