Monday, January 28

lambeau field drunk

i for sure woke up still drunk yesterday morning.
which is why i think i didn't feel like too much trash.
but then - as my residual drunkenness began to wear off the hangover set in.
and i'd like to think it was lambeau sized hangover courtesy of lambeau field itself.
but i blame the flasks i BYOB'd in.
and also the shots.
but seriously - a wedding at lambeau field is definitely the least terrible thing i've experienced in awhile.

i like to think that we part-way contributed to aaron rodger's annual salary after shitler spent $38 on four shots of cumchata.  YOU'RE WELCOME AARON.

but here are some delightful iPhone pictures.
and to answer the obvious question - yes i am drunk in each one of them.

in retrospect - we probably didn't need to go to the bar after these photo shoots.
but we did anyway.
where i promptly got into an argument with a bartender.
it went something like this:
me: may i have a vodka red bull?
bb (bitch bartender): yup. 
me: this tastes like shit.  can i have some more vodka in it please?
bb: *shoots me some major eye roll, grabs my glass, and walks away to hopefully put more vodka in.*
me: i still can't taste the vodka.  here's $5.  can you please pour a shot and then pour it into my drink.  but right here.  where i can see you.
bb: *more eye rolling and then shot pouring*
bb: are you sure you're not just too drunk to taste the alcohol?
me: where's your manager?

nasty little bartenders with shit for attitude aren't going to get very far.
as a rule - if i'm drinking at a bar i like to be able to taste the alcohol in my drink.
and furthermore - if i'm willing to pay for something that i've already paid for just so you'll keep the eye rolling to my face to a minimum i don't think that's asking too much. 

and this is how everyone felt the next day.
i blame that extra shot i paid for.

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  1. LOVE the pics! Ummm why wasn't I invited to this wedding? I like to party.

  2. Did you get lip injections? Because it looks like you have giant lips in these pictures. I'm not complaining though, you look delicious. :)

    Also. White wannabe gangster AKA Young Christopher is hot. Just throwing that out there. I mean, I can't be sure why he's wearing sunglasses inside, but whatever, I'll take it.


    1. you are aware that the sun never sets on a badass, right samm?

    2. I was not aware. Praise the Lord that you've clarified that for me!

  3. Can I come next time?
    Except I think I'll be bringing my own shots because 38 doll hairz aint my idea of good time.

    See also: bartenders like that make me stabby.

  4. Sounds harsh. This is why I drink at home if I do drink! lol

  5. I had a $15 margarita on Friday that was certainly lacking in the Tequilla dept. I'm always afraid they're going to spit in my shit if I ask them to fix it though...

  6. this is very similar to my night Thursday and my horrible, horrible bitch of a day Friday. gah we need to party together.

  7. Okay. Let me tell you....
    I would get all types of sideways on that bartender.

    Hey. Ever heard of a "holy bartender"????
    Look that shit up. (Dogma).
    That would've been my style when I was done with the "bartender".....

  8. Psssh too drunk to taste it? That's crazy talk. I'm not jealous of the hangovers, but I am jealous of the party.
    Also, sometimes, when I'm too drunk, my friends give me water and tell me it's vodka and I believe them. Don't judge me.

  9. So much freaking goodness. I have questions. Was the wedding on the field? Obviously not, but I can only dream. Was Aaron Rodgers there? Also a dream. Why am I answering my own questions...

  10. Ahhhh, looks like some good times....your pics are always the best!


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