Tuesday, January 15

nostalgic tuesday - blast from the past. like an actual blast.

once upon a time shitler drove a cute little mazda stick shift red truck that didn't have power steering.
but one day it broke down.  
and even after shitler's many valiant and expensive attempts to fix said truck it was just no use.
so the truck got parked in the driveway and forgotten about.
there was always talk about selling it for scrap metal.
or taking the tires off and selling them.
you know - good intentions and all that.
but it never happened.

because it got motherfucking struck by lightning.

the door was fucking welded shut.

these tires might be a bit bald.

WHATEVER tiny engine.

moral of the story?
lightning really doesn't strike twice.
because i joked that maybe it would come back and strike shitler.
but alas - it did not.

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  1. Holy SHIT.

    Side note: That's a pretty sweet ride. Looks like it's in top notch condition too. Can I buy it from you?

  2. OMG! I totally remember when this happened!

  3. NO WAY!! what a freak accident!!.... or was it?! :o

    1. so MAYBE i did a lightning dance (which yes, is similar to a rain dance).
      i didn't. but i should. and tape it. and then put it on this blog.
      but i won't. because i'm lazy.

  4. NICE. Aren't you glad you're the only one of your friends who can say lightning struck your truck?

  5. I laughed out loud at the first comment! Haha!


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