Thursday, January 3

shitler's new year's rezzy is to leave me for a man. evidence is below.

ok, raise your hand if you have just taken your first shower since new year's eve.
and that your stench included but wasn't limited to new year's eve booze celebrating, working at an asian restaurant, an entire work day at the first job, then 45 minutes at the gym, then grocery shopping, then home to excitedly cut up vegetables, then forgetting to shower because you watched 7 hours of the walking dead, then you passed out, then you woke up late for work, then worked another entire work day, and then went back to the gym for 45 minutes and then finally showered off like 3.5 days of sweaty grime.

oh, just me?
sorry i'm not sorry (which, by the way, we should bring that saying back again.  mainly because i missed it the first time around and i'd like a second chance).

now i'm sitting in my flannel pajamas eating tuna and avocados and watching real housewives.
but anyway here's my new year's.

so there's my new year's eve.
puppies, plunger fights, male photo shoots/male spin the bottle, and booze.

recipe for a perfect night.

how the shit was your new year's eve??

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  1. too fucking funny! Can you please bring your plunger to my party next time? That and your bacon.
    Please and spank you much!

    Andie's Traveling Pants

  2. I'm concerned for your face in that last picture.


    1. i'm consistently concerned for what's left of my sanity.

  3. Well, now I know what I will be giving out as favors at your wedding. Plungers it is.

  4. haha great pictures. you know you have a great party when you have a plunger.

      shitler manages to keep everyone on their toes...

  5. hahaha you are amazing. How did I not know you before?! I totally do the whole work-at-asian-restaurant-and-work-out-then-not-shower-for-days thing too! #soulmates



  6. Plunger fights are totally appropriate for NYE. We were lovable losers and played Cards Against Humanity at a bowling alley bar. If you haven't heard of this game, just think of Apples to Apples, but throw all morals, ethics, and political correctness out the door. I think it's right up your alley.


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