Wednesday, January 23

boats and hoes: a splash of summer in these dark winter days

it's a marathon.  not a sprint.
the tie up, that is.
it's important to remember that when attending the annual okauchee lake tie up.  
but i suppose it's difficult to hold to that when you start with this:

and i'll be honest when i say just looking at this makes my liver hurt.  
but then smile fondly.

so for mainly for my sanity during these insane sub-zero winter days let's revisit the tie up.

and every day i'm reminding that the internet is a fantastic place.  
because if you want to see nasty, dirty style photos of the tie up - you can.
so here's a taste:

via - i'm not sure.  it's just not mine.  let me know if it's yours.

i suggest everyone go to something like this.
for research purposes.
and blog material.

a lot of people sprinted.


  1. LOL I love your PS. I want the girl in the black bikini's boobs, can you arrange that?


    1. for sure.
      you don't have a preference on how i obtain them do you?

  2. I am disappointed you didn't use any of my Tie-Up photos from my facebook album.

    1. i'll have to update this post with some of your gems.

  3. That guy totally stole my thong. Asshole.

  4. Damn.
    That's some hot piece of ass.

    I needed this laugh today.
    Thanks skank ;)


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