Saturday, January 12

nice little saturday

that point in your saturday when you realize your permanent shanty has sunk into the ice.
and now you have to pull it out.

sucks to be these guys.

p.s. it's not shitler.
p.p.s. those guys have been at it for hours.

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  1. OMFG...Was that the one you guys were at last week?

    1. you bet it is.
      update. they have it tilted...

  2. Yes, it sucks to be those guys. Not sure what a shanty is, or what a building-like structure is supposed to be doing on water, but I applaud the effort.

    If you legitimately live on a lake, consider me officially jealous of your view.

  3. Is a shanty like... a porta shitter???

  4. can I just say that I LOVE reading your blog and your comments frequently make me test my ability not to pee when I laugh :) Keep it coming!


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