Tuesday, March 12

a general message

you'll have to excuse me.
but since my tumble down the stairs yesterday morning (sober, might i add) i've been out of sorts.
shitler keeps poking the bruise on my ass, it hurts to sit down and it feels like how they describe the day after a car accident.  so i don't have anything worthwhile to contribute (not that i ever do).

other than my message to all flights of stairs.

p.s. you should head over to samm's blog where she will be holding people accountable for talking out of their ass and then pretending it never happened by deleting comments and editing their original post.  it's gonna be a treat.

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  1. HA. Love your ending. AND your tag "sobriety".

    Sorry about your ass. Have that man thing kiss it for you.

  2. i hope you feel better soon. i also took a tumble down the stairs in front of my 4yr old and it scared her so i smiled and said "mommy's ok" when i really wanted to yell "GODDAMMIT MOTHERFUCKER!!".

    1. SHOCKINGLY - i didn't even swear. odd, i know. i think it was too early. and i don't think anything even registered in my mind. well, except for the safety and whereabouts of my phone. which were fine. thank heavens.

      it would have been KIND OF funny if she would have picked up that little nugget of a phrase from you and shouted it from the rooftops. like mainly funny for me.

  3. Samm's post made me laugh. I told her I'm going to start deleting her comments just to see what she'll do. It'll be fun.

    And I'm still thinking you're pretty lame for taking a sober tumble down the stairs. But I do hope you feel better so you can do something entertaining this weekend and post about it.

  4. FUck!!! You fell down stairs!!! OMG!!!


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