Thursday, March 7

house reveal 2 - fishing in the dark

ok - so for those of you who are coming to visit (i'm looking at you samm, mac, and christi) and aren't going to pass out on the couch or get so drunk that they don't mind the floor then i want to present to you the fishing room.  
which houses two passed-out options.  the high-up bunk bed or the down-low trundle bed.  so basically i guess it depends on your level of motivation when you're beat up drunk.  the choice is yours.

so in the fishing room you can become overwhelmed by the amount of fishing crap on the walls.
you're welcome.
or you could play a rustic game of tic-tac-toe.
or stare at a picture of me kissing a fish.
if you're feeling up to it - you can always just come upstairs and snuggle in between me and shitler.

please let me know which
weekend you'll be coming to visit.

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  1. nice! i`d be staring at the fish-kissy photo for sure. it`s hypnotizing.

  2. The rustic tic tac toe is awesome!

  3. like to fish? I don't know where I would get that idea...

  4. Fish scare me, I'm sticking to my couch with Rick.


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