Monday, March 4

shenanigans in birthday form

i need everyone to know that i feel like i'm officially old as fuck.
and that i can no longer handle my hangovers like a goddamn adult.
don't get me wrong - i'm going to continue to drink my face off but i just need to psych myself up more for the killer hangovers i'm going to inevitably have the next day.

but as i mentioned on the blog yesterday it was shitler's bday.  and what a shit show that was.
like we celebrated on saturday because - DUH.  but then chose to close down the bar and then walk home in the freezing cold.  and then since everyone is drunk and hungry i make pasta for everyone.  and then since it's like psssssh, only 3AM i deem it appropriate to take shots of my cheapest vodka.  
which in retrospect - was probably my undoing.
and then shitler DJ'd in our living room for another hour or so and then we all passed out.  and i spent the rest of the next day hating everyone until we went to the bar and i fixed my shit with a couple of screwdrivers and a giant plate of chicken nachos.

then we came home.  
and passed out at 8.30PM. because that's what cool people do.

firstly let's go ahead and take a look at the litany of bar pictures on my phone.


and then the uncle jesse photos.
in which it was like a musical number to the tune of WWE wrestler entrance songs.

so there you have it.  and you wonder why it's monday and i'm still exhausted.
but it's cool because i'm just laying in bed recovering.  which is all i ever want to do.

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  1. OMG YES.

    This looks amazing. And the nachos, like get in my belly. When I go there can we please eat nachos like every single day? And boneless buffalo wings. PLEASE. Okay, great.

    And, I've been thinking. You should make a dirty thirty countdown calendar. Then it can be displayed in your house.

    Speaking of shit displayed in your house, those curtains? AMAZING. You two look like legit grown ups. It's adorable.


  2. I am so fucking j of your weekend. Seriously.

    Can I please have that Kelly Kapowski shirt? He doesn't need to wash it or anything - I'll take care of that. Just mail it to me. I'll inbox you my address.

  3. looks like a freaking blast. and why do i have to work and not have fun everyday?! explain that to me.

  4. Shitler's shirt... I want her hair.

  5. It's totally cool to go to bed before 9 pm, especially on the weekends!
    LOL, I keep telling myself that. :)

  6. I want to party with you. Although if your young ass can't hang, my old ass certainly would die and you would have to hide my dead body somewhere.

  7. That dog looks terrified. We clearly need to party together, asap. I'll bring the hangover cures.


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